Eco Dentistry Accepted

BaseVac celebrates full Eco Dentistry Association Acceptance

The BaseVac Dental Vacuum System product family recently became the first full line of dental vacuum systems to receive the Eco Dentistry Association's (EDA) Accepted Seal. This significant achievement is due to BaseVac Dental Systems' unique ability to offer industry leading performance at truly remarkable levels of efficiency throughout its product range.

Some highlights from the EDA Seal of Acceptance include:

Sustainable Manufacturing and Distribution: Because the BaseVac System is designed and built in North America, we can closely control every stage of the delivery process to guarantee that each system shipped meets our leading build quality standards. Recycled materials and environmentally friendly procedures define the BaseVac commitment to responsible design and manufacturing.

Water Conservation: The 100% water free design of the BaseVac carbon vane dry suction means dentists can achieve class leading levels of suction with unprecedented efficiency. No wasted water means more money in dentist's pockets. No water to create vacuum means no tax on the environment.

Innovation: The BaseVac waterless vacuum design is already changing how dentistry is practiced, but why stop there? In 2011, we're partnering with leading universities to integrate the most progressive features in the industry into our new products on an ongoing basis.

To learn more about how our technologies can help your practice, please visit our BaseVac Advantage page or send us an email.

For full details about our EDA Seal of Acceptance, please download the entire pdf document here.