Bora Booster Blower

Engineered to work, designed to fit

R.E. Morrison Equipment Inc. is pleased to add another quality product to the line of BaseVac Vacuum Pumps and Systems. The Bora Booster Blower is manufactured in Italy to food industry standards.

The combination of the Becker oil lubricated backing pump and the Bora tri-lobe booster blower will deliver speed in your vacuum packaging or vacuum drying applications.

The patented “Stem design” tri-lobe rotor is the only tri-lobe design that is not susceptible to reciprocal air entrapment. This reduces heat caused by hot compresses discharge gases reentering the inlet chamber to be recompressed. The “Stem design” is more volumetric efficient due to the elimination of internal slippage.

The tri-lobe pattern is quieter with reduced pulsations, 6 cycles compared with 4. The result is less shaft to gear wear and provides for the use of pure frictionless labyrinth shaft seals; seals that don’t fail with heat.

The BaseVac Bora is suitable for vertical flow; top to bottom or bottom to top. The inlet and outlet is based on din flanges 80mm, 100mm and 150mm. BaseVac adapts the din to SAE flanges or tri-clamp connections at 2, 4 and 6” standard.

Each BaseVac Bora booster is available with a unique compact, silenced built on bypass valve. No need for tricky switches and manual valves. Start the booster at the same time as the Becker backing pump.

Finally an alternative to the “traditional” pump booster combination, BaseVac Series Becker / Bora offers a compact, quiet and economical solution.

All BaseVac vacuum products are serviced in Canada by R.E. Morrison Equipment Inc. With a standard 2 year warranty, the BaseVac Bora Booster is an ideal bolt in replacement for much less efficient competitive brands. The warranty means security that your choice in selecting innovation in new technology is backed by quality engineering and manufacturing.

R.E. Morrison Equipment Inc. offers a full range of pump stands and installation hardware packages to allow our products to work according to your plants requirements.