BaseVac Dental Systems

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BaseVac Vacuum Systems encompasses many products at R.E. Morrison. It is the brand used whenever we take a stock vacuum pump and build it into a system that requires physical extras or automated controls.

A simple BaseVac System would be a Becker Vacuum Pump installed on a tank with automated start, stop and interconnecting piping (1/4 to 10Hp). Multiple pump packages up to six pumps and 200 Hp with PLC cascading controls also fall under our BaseVac product line. Individual system accessories such as high dirt load duplex spin mister filters or Nema enclosures with vacuum switch and gauge are available. Our BaseVac laboratory vacuum systems are the systems of choice by the University of Toronto. Oil-free or oil-lubricated multi-pump hospital systems are in use throughout Canada. Drop in replacements for costly BaseVac Central Systems are used to replace multi-pump installation in the printing, bindery and CNC woodworking Industries.

Every BaseVac System is individually engineered to meet the application specifications. Each BaseVac System comes with a two year warranty. For Industrial, Medical and Dental Vacuum Systems, you really should give us a call.