Industrial Filtration Products

R. E. Morrison Equipment has developed an innovative line of filtration products. As a distributor of vacuum pumps, blowers and high velocity blow- off systems, we understand the need for clean air to protect our products and also the need for uninterrupted airflow as a process requirement.

Filtration in the equipment industry has not evolved with the many changes in equipment design and application. It used to be that rotating equipment was the responsibility of a stationery engineer. Vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors installed in a clean utility room under watchful eye. The redesign and packaging of equipment makes it possible to locate rotating equipment (vacuum pumps and blowers) at the production level, in the heat, dust and dirt of normal production.

Filtration practices that used to work well have now resulted in excessive dirt build up in filters, frequent stoppages in production to service filters, rising filter usage and cost. Most important, is the over sizing of equipment (HP) to provide air flows equal to the old performance standard. This often results in added heat, noise and dirtier, larger filters.

R. E. Morrison has addressed the following areas of filtration and developed innovative new designs to solve the problems:

  1. Inline filtration on rotary vane vacuum pumps used in production applications such as CNC vacuum hold down and pneumatic conveying (vacuum)
  2. Inlet filtration on blower driven high velocity blow off systems used in belt cleaning and product cleaning systems
  3. Inline filtration in vacuum applications in the pharmaceutical industry such as fluidized bed conveying, encapsulating and vacuum conveying
  4. Product and water separation prior to vacuum pump inlet in the meat and poultry processing and packaging industry

Under the REM Industrial Filter brand R. E. Morrison designs and builds unique custom filtration solutions for industrial dirt load applications. This brand incorporates multiple filter types and brands.